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The appearance of a person counts a lot in modern world. There is no wonder people are willing to go to any length to change the way they look. Coming to body parts, there are different expectations from men and women. Women often worry about the appearance of their buttocks, breasts and face while the primary concern of men is centered on their chest, arm, shoulders and most importantly the size of their penis. Being a man with a bigger penis helps to satisfy their women. But there is an urgent need to ensure safety in the process. So Zygain produces its non-surgical enhancement procedure which has been proven time and again.

What Is ZyGain?

Zygain is a product that has been selling on the internet for last 5 years and it has been claiming to increase your penis size, while also treating any bends in your penis. It also claims to inspire your sexual confidence while also building upon the sexual stamina to ensure a better quality of life and love life for you.

Zygain pretty much uses a similar principle like a person who performs exercises. There are little things to do as you start and the intensity increases with time. The Zygain device attached to the penis is there to provide a steady traction along your corpora cavernosa sac of penis that is filled with blood on account of arousal. With the sufficient traction of device, the cells in cavernosa stretch and break to form new cells that are healthy and respond to the traction by undergoing elongation. The later duplication ensures that your cavernosa increases in size.

With our researches we have been able to see that around 50% of the men managed to achieve average success as they grew around 0.2-0.5 inches in few weeks which turned out to be about 1-3 inches after a full use of device for six months.


  1. There was a perceptible increase in penis size after 4 weeks and the penis size increased by around 3 inches in length and 1 inch in girth after six months.
  2. Penis curvature was corrected by an amount of 70%
  3. Sexual drive saw a huge enhancement
  4. Erections happened to be thicker and fuller
  5. Users enjoyed longer staying capacity
  6. Orgasms will last longer
  7. Sexual satisfaction is boosted


  1. Zygain will cost you more than its competitors
  2. This system can only be purchased online.

After some close research and analysis of actual products and some other off-the-shelf brand we come to the result that of all the penis enlargement devices Zygain is our #5. It will see not only an increase in penis size but also in sexual performance. However, the product has dropped on to #5 because of some negative user ratings and partly because of the fact that a number of superior devices have come in the market posing serious competition to Zygain.

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