X4 labs review – The Best Penis Extender Or Scam? [Unbiased]

How one looks is a very important thing nowadays. This is a reason people are willing to go extreme lengths to enhance their body and physique. Men and women, both of the have their own individual concerns. For a woman it is her breasts and buttocks while men are surrounded with worries about their arm, chest, and shoulder. However, penis size is their number one priority. Having a bigger penis, men grow in confidence and perform better to the satisfaction of their woman. The only question needing answers is how to achieve this enlargement safely. For that X4Labs is a great way with its non-surgical enhancement procedure been proved time and again.

What Is X4Labs?

X4Labs has now been for 12 years in the markets and it guarantees you an increase in both, penis length as well as the girth, treating your penis to remove bends to provide right curvature, boosts your sexual confidence, enhances your sexual stamina to recharge and reenergize your love life.

X4 labs penis extender Review

X4Labs use not very different concept other than the person who does exercises. For exercises you need to start small and as you advance harder bits could be added to regimen. This enhancement device when connected to your penis provides for a constant traction on the cylindrical portion called cavernosa of your penis and stores blood on arousal. With traction the cells in cavernosa are stretched where new and healthy cells are created and the redundant are gotten rid off. The newly created cells grow under the influence of constant traction. With cell duplication the cavernosa grows in size as well.

X4 labs penis extender Review


  • The penis will see substantial growth in its length and girth after four weeks of use and eventually you can see an increase of as many as 3 inches in its length and 1 inch in girth as you go on using the product for six months.
  • There is an improvement of about 70% in curvature.
  • A better sex drive is achieved.
  • You will be able to enjoy thicker and fuller erections.
  • Enhancement of staying power.
  • Orgasms last a whole lot longer.
  • There is also an increase in sexual satisfaction.


  • X4Labs costs a bit more than its other competitors.
  • It is only available online.

We did a bit of research which showed that as many as 96% of the total population that tried X4Labs was able to achieve an increase of 0.8-1 inches over the course of the first few weeks. Plenty of men have reported a growth of around 2-3 inches over the period of six months with the combining device and penis enhancement exercise program.

We have analysed a lot of data online and even have wandered over off-the-shelf brands for penis enlargement only to reach the final result that X4 labs is the definitive #2 choice when it comes to enhancing penis size and boosting your sexual performance.

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