6 Things Every Man Should Know About His Penis

Below are six important facts about your penis that you must know.


  1. There are two types of penis: your dick could either be a grower or a shower. What is the difference? The former usually elongate and also expand when getting erect. On the other hand, the showers don’t experience much noticeable change when getting erect. They remain almost the same size as in flaccid state. An international survey associated with Men’s Health revealed that about 79 percent of men report being growers and the rest are showers. After reading this, you must already know where you fall.
  2. Penises can and usually fracture: yes, you read it right! They don’t have bones but can actually fracture or rather, break. The majority of men aren’t even aware of this. If you thrust your dick too hard or extremely fast into the pelvic bone of your partner, its rigid nature can cause it to fracture. Generally, penis fracture usually happens when the penis is thrust against hard resistance. Excessive masturbation has the potential to cause penis fracture.
  3. The sensitivity of your penis decreases as you age: are you surprised? If you are a little bit advanced in age, you must already be wondering whatever happened to the intense sensitivity of your dick. Well, there is nothing medically wrong with your schlong. As men progress in age, their cocks begin to experience less sensitivity compared to when they were young. It isn’t clear exactly how much penis sensitivity is lost. However, experts say that older men are more likely to experience lost penis sensitivity, apart from erectile dysfunction and ejaculation difficulties.
  4. Penis size does matter when it comes to semen displacement: I would rather tell things as they are. The lengthier the dick is, the better positioned you are with respect to semen displacement. Women are naturally promiscuous and apparently, men compete to impregnate the same woman at any given time. Your penis must be long enough to displace the semen deposited by another man who had sex with the woman say, within the last 48 hours. This is in accordance to a research study conducted by the State University of New York.
  5. Cigarettes shorten your penis while alcohol can limp it: Cigarette smoking can reduce your manhood by up to a whole centimetre. It is that serious. I am sure that no man wants to see his dick get smaller. In any case, men want to see their penises become longer. On the other hand, excessive alcohol reduces or even impairs the functionality of your penis as far as engaging in sexual intercourse is concerned. In that regard, if you want a healthier and more useful penis, you may want to consider quitting cigarette smoking as well as too much alcohol consumption.
  6. The more erections you receive, the more your penis stays in shape: As a matter of fact, erections are considered as the best type of penis exercise. Every time you obtain an erection, your penis fills with blood. This means that it becomes rejuvenated with a fresh supply of oxygen and nutrients. Ultimately, you will witness a longer and thicker penis.

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