The Medical Viewpoint on Penis Enlargement 

It has become increasingly popular over recent years for men who are dissatisfied with their penis for either psychological or social reasons to look for ways in which their penis can be lengthened or broadened. Because of this there has been an obvious increase in the number of men seeking medical advice on the solutions and options open to them. 


The need to overcome self-esteem, self-confidence and performance issues outweighs the embarrassment that many men feel at visiting a doctor’s office and talking about their inadequate penis size. But this does not necessarily mean that the medical viewpoint on penis enhancement is an altogether positive one. While some penis enlargement choices are frowned upon and considered dangerous, others are highly praised and actively encouraged. 


While many penis enhancement products look as though they have been endorsed by medical professionals, these endorsements will typically be a doctors’ personal opinion, or one that he has been paid to give; endorsing things can be extremely profitable. 


There are varied medical opinions regarding penis enlargement procedures: Penis Augmentation While penile augmentation has become more commonplace, there is a distinct shortage of standardization that has resulted in many reports and documentations highlighting the poor results of various techniques and procedures. 


Media attention has increased awareness of penis enlargement procedures, and from 1991–98 approximately 10,000 men in the United States underwent penile augmentation. 


Obviously surgery is typically only performed in extreme cases, and the general medical consensus seems to be that it should only be carried out on men whose penis size causes physical or psychological problems or distress. 


Surgery carried out to increase the size of a penis may be relatively successful and will typically show permanent results, but the surgery itself is extremely invasive and as such is not without risk to the patient. 


The procedure will usually involve dermal grafts, Hyaluronic gel, fat tissue or penile implants to be inserted into the penis, hopefully resulting in an increase in both girth and length. 


The recovery time is long however, and the patient will undoubtedly be in an extreme amount of pain until the penis has healed. There is also the risk of infections as well as any implants being rejected by the body. 


Side effects for penile enhancement surgeries are as varied as the surgical procedures themselves, and can include: 


  • The formation of nodules on the penis • Unsymmetrical results • Penis curvature 


  • A decrease in erectile stiffness 


  • Damage to the nerves and blood supply in the penis 


  • Distortion, swelling and migration 


  • Loss of sensation in the penis The actual surgery for penis enlargement is an extremely invasive one, and is not without its risks of complications and bad results. Many men choose to have their penile augmentation carried out abroad, and this is for a number of reasons; the cost is vastly reduced compared to the price at home, and there are not generally so many questions or advice against having the surgery from foreign plastic surgeons. 


If you are thinking of taking this route, you should be aware of all the pitfalls, risks and details that this surgery entails. Any operation or surgical procedure carries some risk, and going abroad for a penis augmentation does not diminish those risks. 


It is also worth remembering that many of the surgeons who carry out these types of operations in foreign countries, have not undergone the same training that surgeons in your own country have gone through. 


While this may suffice for a simple nose job, a penis enlargement is a totally different ballgame, so to speak. Information about your penis enlargement procedure may also be limited if you choose to have it carried out in a different country, and because of this it is imperative that the proper research is carried out beforehand. 


You should also be aware that the vast majority of medical organizations would not recommend surgery for penis enlargement unless there are extreme circumstances, and this does not generally mean for cosmetic or enhancement reasons. 


Pills and Supplements Penis enhancement pills are not supported by any recognized medical association or organisation, nor does the FDA regulate the marketing of such pills or supplements. It is the general opinion that pills offering guarantees of penis size increase are simply hoaxes, and that they do nothing more than alleviate some erectile dysfunction symptoms. 


This is because some of the ingredients contained in the enhancement pills are the same as those used in treating erectile dysfunction. It should also be noted that some pills and supplements could cause side effects, such as: 


  • Erratic or fast heart beat


  • Dizziness 


  • Headaches Synthetic penis enlargement pills should be avoided at all costs by men who suffer from chronic heart problems; fatalities as a direct result of using such pills under these circumstances have been recorded. 


Jelquing and other Penis Exercises The medical viewpoint regarding exercises for penis enlargement, such as jelquing, is that even though some benefits may be seen and felt, any resulting growth is usually superficial and a lot of dedication and effort needs to be given in order for the growth to be sustained. 


There are also serious risks of injury to the penis, especially when jelquing exercises are not carried out correctly. These injuries can lead to long-term damage to the penis, and may result in conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction and either a loss of sensation or acute pain or discomfort. Having said that, jelquing is considered to be a relatively safe practice when compared to the majority of the alternatives. Importantly, this form of penis enhancement is medically approved and completely safe, providing certain simple precautions are followed; and it’s

something every man can do in total privacy , and great results can be experienced within a relatively short span of time. 


Penis Extenders In direct contrast to the skeptical medical opinions regarding pills and supplements, the medical viewpoint when it comes to penis enlargers — otherwise known as extenders — varies considerably depending on the individual extender, and is decidedly more positive. While there has never been an argument regarding their effectiveness against erectile dysfunction, there is now increasing scientific proof that they are also extremely effective when it comes to improving the size of the penis. 


Comparing and researching different penis extenders, it has been found that there is in excess of an 85% success rate with the top five, with the best of the extenders showing a 95% success rate. The same five penis extenders showed an average increase of between 24% and 30% in the overall size of the penis. 


The most effective penis extenders are medically certified, enabling them to be sold legally on the medical market. These extenders can effectively help with the length and girth of the penis in the majority of cases, and an increase of up to 3 inches has been reported in some instances. 


Specialists in the field tend to recommend a penis extender over and above most of the other options available. Conclusion: Upon conclusion, while many men — and their sexual partners — may state that size does not matter to them, the facts show us otherwise. Size clearly does matter, and in some instances it can be vital to the well-being of a man and the success of his sexual relationships. If a man feels good physically it stands to reason that he will feel good mentally. 


A good mental and physical state means that a man will be able to perform better sexually which helps to maintain a healthy self-confidence and self-esteem. Taking all of this into consideration, there are certain treatments and procedures that demand careful thought and which should be avoided altogether. While it is perfectly normal for men to rationalize their reasons for wanting to enlarge their penis, thinking that nothing bad can happen is not only wrong, it can be disastrous. 


When it comes to surgery to increase the length or girth of the penis, there comes a very real risk of problems arising during the procedure and future erections not being able to be sustained. 


Should mistakes happen or complications occur as a direct result of penis augmentation, they will typically be permanent. Implants and injections both come with their own risks and dangers. Implants can break apart, the body can reject them and patients have been known to lose penis sensitivity. 


Silicone injections have also been reported to result in a loss of sensitivity, with some men finding that penetration during sex was not possible afterwards. Numerous studies carried out over the years have shown that the majority of males who try different penis enlargements treatments will be left completely dissatisfied with the results. Some have even felt more inadequate after treatment than they did before. Pills, potions and lotions should be avoided at all cost. 


They are nothing but scams and schemes, and the only thing that will get bigger is the bank accounts of the unscrupulous people who peddle them.


These types of products will typically be sold over the counter as a dietary supplement, and there’s a very good reason for this. Dietary supplement manufacturers do not have to prove that they work, they simply have to prove that they are safe to be consumed by humans. They do not have to conform to any of the purity requirements that prescriptions do, which means that every batch can differ. 


There is also the definite risk that these pills can interfere with some prescribed medications. 


With regards to penis exercises and jelquing, the risks are there but they are slight in comparison to other methods. So long as the proper precautions are taken and the exercises are done correctly, results can be seen and the penis can be enlarged. Jelquing definitely works and many reports record quick and effective results. As with all things, make sure that the proper research is done beforehand to reduce the risks of any injuries.

When all is said and done, even though there are plenty of penis enlargement treatments available, the one which stands out from the rest and which shows the best results is the penis extender. It is not only the safest method, but it is also among the cheapest, especially when the results are taken into consideration. 


It is possible for thousands of dollars to be spent on methods that show little to no improvement in either the length or the girth of the penis. If you make sure that you go to a reputable and reliable supplier or manufacturer of extenders, you can be sure that you are purchasing a piece of equipment that will benefit you and last for years. A good quality penis extender will still set you back a couple of hundred dollars, but you will be getting more for your money — literally!

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