6 Penis Exercises That Improve Your Sex Life

Now that we’ve looked at some of the most popular options and identified what works and what doesn’t, we are going to be talking about the best exercises available at our disposal to achieve your desired length and girth goals.

Penis Exercises to increase Length and Girth

Penis Exercises


Jelq In male enhancement, the basic jelq motion is probably the most well-known out of all the manual exercises, and it is popular for being the cornerstone of many programs aimed at size gains. If your main objective is to improve your penis size and strength, this is the exercise you want to be using repeatedly. It is common to hear about men gaining up to 2 inches by using a routine that has jelqs as the backbone of their male enhancement program. The word jelq may sound strange to you, and although the actual origin of the term is unknown, it is believed that it has been used in the western world since the 70’s. 


For better clarity, the word basically means “milking” and the motion actually looks a lot like the movement you’d use to milk a cow. Doing jelqs is a very healthy practice for your male organ, when performed the proper way, with a proper warm-up and cool-down phase preferably. 


A great way to tell if you’re performing jelqing properly is to check on your erection strength and quality. If your erections have been improving over time, then it’s ok to keep moving forward or adding to your current routine; if your erections are not getting any better or are actually decreasing in quality, then you should pay attention to your body and back off a bit by decreasing frequency or intensity. When you want to perform a jelq, the first thing you should have in mind is your erection level. To simplify things, let’s suppose that there are 4 erection levels: 


  1. The penis is visibly bigger but not hard. 25% erect 
  2. Hard, but not enough to perform sexual intercourse. 50% 
  3. The bare minimum to be able to perform sexual intercourse but not completely hard. 75% erect 
  4. Full hardness. 100% erect


For jelqing, especially for beginners, we recommend using anywhere from levels 1 to 3 but never 4. The reason for this is that you’ll be pushing a lot of blood towards the shaft of your penis when doing the motion, and by doing it with a level 4 erection you can easily go overboard and end up slowing down your progress by overtraining. Again, we can use muscle building as an example. The first time someone goes to a gym, they do not start piling up weight when performing an exercise, because this will only lead to an injury. The muscles haven’t yet been conditioned to handle the heavy weights. 


Jelqing with a level 4 erection can be comparable to this; it can be very effective but should only be done by advanced users that are already well conditioned. To perform a jelq, we recommend using some kind of lubrication to make the motions more fluid and easier to perform. 


You can use anything that is safe to use with your skin; vaseline and baby oil work pretty well for this purpose. Once you have both hands lubricated (we recommend using both hands so that you can perform several jelqs in a quick fashion), try to bring your penis to a level 2 erection. 


Levels 1 and 3 also work but beginners may find that number 2 is the sweet spot. With your thumb and pointing finger, form a ring shape (sometime’s also called an ok shape) that’s big enough to grip your penis a bit tight. Place the ring grip on the shaft of your penis, as close to your pubic bone as possible and by applying a light amount of pressure, slide it throughout the shaft of your penis and stop before you reach the glans. Immediately stop the motion when you’ve reached the glans area, don’t go the full way towards the tip. That’s it, you’ve effectively completed 1 repetition. In case you’re wondering, the ideal pressure for the ring grip is one that allows you to move blood throughout the shaft but isn’t uncomfortable. Once you’ve finished one jelq repetition you can quickly start another by using your other hand and doing the exact same motion. 


This way, you can really cram in a lot of repetitions in a short amount of time. Some people may find that it is more comfortable or less messy to perform jelqs with a shaved or trimmed pubic region. This is entirely optional, so it’s up to you to find out if this will have a positive effect when performing the exercise. Make sure that you familiarize yourself with the jelqing motion, as it is one that you’ll be coming back to time and again when performing penis enhancement programs. It can also be done outside of programs, whenever you feel like enjoying some of the short-term benefits they can offer to your sex life. 


Exercise #2: The Basic Stretch 


If there was another “must-do” exercise in the world of male enhancement, the basic stretch would probably be it. If you think about it, it’s probably the oldest form of penis exercising ever to be performed (the jelq and other exercises require a bit more steps to perform a repetition). The basic stretch is another great tool that you can use to reach your size goals. Unlike the jelq, which is usually performed for overall penis size enhancement, the stretch is notable for giving incredible length gains. While some people have reported girth gains by doing basic stretches, please keep in mind that there are better options for you to do if it’s width what you’re most interested in. 


You will see that many penis enhancement programs include stretches as one of the first exercises right after the warm-up phase. This is because, when performed within your current levels of conditioning, a stretch is great for loosening things up. To perform this exercise, simply pull and fully stretch (you should only feel a slight tingly sensation, no pain at all) your penis to any desired angle for as many seconds as your program indicates. Yes, it’s that easy! You’ve probably performed this exercise a few times before (although without enough force or consistency to stimulate any tissue growth) without you knowing that it is a common exercise for male enhancement. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind whenever performing the stretch (or any other male enhancement exercise for that matter) is that pain is never a good sign. If you feel pain whenever performing an exercise, please stop and take a step backward to reassess the intensity that you’re using. Pain is a way that your body lets you know that you’re causing unwanted damage to your tissue. We feel like it is best to mention this under the basic stretch because it is very easy to apply too much force when performing a repetition.



Shake Many consider the helicopter shake not to be an effective exercise for making your penis bigger or longer, but warming up is perhaps its most common application. While the effectiveness of the helicopter shake for length and size gains are debatable, there is no doubt that it is one of the best, if not THE absolute best segway into the other exercises such as manual stretches and jelqs. 


Helicopter shakes are very gentle on the ligaments, and they really help loosen everything up for the more intense work later on. One of the easiest ways to visualize the correct technique you must use for the helicopter shake is by taking your car or house keys and twirling them. 


To perform the exercise, first, grab your penis by the base and hold it with your thumb and index finger. By using the force from your wrist, gently twirl your penis into a circle, either clockwise or counter-clockwise. Doing one circle counts as a repetition.


EXERCISE #4: THE V-shape Jelq

The V-shape Jelq is one of the coolest male enhancement exercises because it combines the effects of two of the most important and popular exercises, the standard jelq and the basic stretch. It is almost as good as performing both exercises at the same time. You may probably be thinking that this is a very advanced exercise, but in fact, it is quite safe for even beginners to use on their first program. 


Performing a V-shape jelq is actually quite simple: with your hand, make a V-shape by separating the middle and ring fingers and place your penis (by far, the level 2 erection works the best for this exercise) in the gap between them. As with the standard jelqs, you’ll want to grab the penis very close to the pubic bone. Stretch the penis to the desired angle and then slide your fingers through the shaft and stop when you reach the glans. 


That would count as 1 full repetition. Once you reach the shaft, you can switch to your other hand and do the exact motion to perform another repetition. One thing to keep in mind when performing V-shaped jelq is not going overboard with your erection level. If you find that you are reaching a level 3/4 erection, stop and try to go back to number 2. As with standard jelqs, performing this exercise with a lot of blood inside the penis may quickly lead to exhaustion and overtraining. As with standard jelqs, lubrication is greatly recommended when performing this exercise, as it will help you perform a lot of repetitions in a short time span, by allowing your fingers to slide smoothly up and down your penis shaft.


The horse squeeze is considered to be one of the most advanced exercises you can perform and should only be done carefully, with proper warm-up beforehand. It is mostly done for girth gains, although some men have reported successful length gains with it too. 


To perform, you should be between levels 3 and 4 of erection strength. The sweet spot for most will be 85%-90%. With your first hand, do an overhand ring or “OK” shaped grip at the base of your penis and hold it as tight as you can. You should be gripping as close to the pubic bone as you can. With your other hand, palms facing down, do a second overhand ring grip directly on the glans. 


Basically, what you’re trying to accomplish is to push the blood in the glans back into the shaft, and since you’re gripping the base with your other hand, a lot of pressure will build up. Horse squeezes can be performed for 5 seconds at first and up to 40+ when you’re very conditioned to the exercise.


Out of all the exercises listed in this chapter, Kegels are probably what most are already familiar with or at least heard about. It’s pretty well known that Kegel exercises can be very beneficial to women’s health in many different ways. 


Because of their fame as a women’s exercise, there are not many men out there that are using them for penile health. Although Kegels by themselves probably won’t add any inches to your penis directly, they are an amazing exercise that will greatly complement your male enhancement routine. 


The benefits of Kegels are many: better ejaculation control, better erection quality, learning to relax the correct muscles during intercourse, stronger ejaculation force, better blood flow in the genital area, increases orgasm intensity and urinary incontinence aid. If you add Kegel exercises to your current male enhancement routine, you will find yourself having stronger erections and lasting much longer during sexual intercourse. 


You will also aid the healing and building of new tissue in the genital area thanks to the increased blood flow. Add to this the fact that your penis will be growing over time and you will have a killer combination that enhances many areas of your love life. There is probably no better complementary exercise for jelqing, stretching, and other forms of male enhancement than a set of well performed Kegels. Performing a Kegel repetition is quite simple although it can be a bit tricky to locate the right muscle (Pubococcygeus) that needs to be contracted at first. 


The easiest way to locate the Pubococcygeus is to stop urine flow naturally the next time you go to pee. The muscle you contracted for this motion is exactly the same you’ll be using for your Kegel repetitions. Contracting this muscle counts as a repetition, and repetitions can last anywhere from less than a second to several. At first, you’ll probably find that it is very tricky to perform a Kegel repetition for even less than a second. 


After a while, though, you will develop a lot of control in that area and you’ll be able to contract the muscle for even 5 seconds or more. If you want to further develop a mind-muscle connection with the Pubococcygeus, we recommend sitting down in a hard chair and performing a repetition. It will be very easy to feel the Pubococcygeus on the chair this way. 


A word of warning, though: it is not advised to perform Kegels during sexual intercourse. Many find that after a while of performing Kegel exercises, their stamina and ejaculation control greatly improves and so they decide to tense these muscles they are now aware of during sex. 


Doing this will only result in reaching orgasm quicker in most cases since one of the keys for ejaculation control is to have the PC muscles relaxed. Only perform Kegels before intercourse or as a last resort to prevent ejaculation.


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