The Pro’s And Con’s Of Penis Enlargement Weights

Hanging weights from the male organ may seem, to many, like some kind of a sideshow act. However, this method has been in use for the longest time now. Men from the ancient days relied on penis weights as one of the ways of enhancing their cocks. The penis enhancement benefits of using penis weights far outweigh the fears and doubts associated with it. If done correctly, and in a safe manner, the hanging of weights on the penis is among the best ways of not only increasing the penis length but also the girth.

The principle behind the application of penis weights and hangers is pretty much the same as the one applied in body building – to grow more muscles. The tension exerted on the male member by the weights usually result in microtears in the penis tissues. The repair and restoration process of the torn tissues leads to the growth of new cellular and consequently, a bigger penis.

Unlike when a piece of material is stretched and it becomes thinner, the growth of new cells not only results in the growth of the penis length but also the penis girth. Perhaps this is one of the most significant benefits that penis weights have to offer. If you are concerned about the size of your penis length and girth, penis weights can help you kill the two birds with a single stone.

While all the penis weights systems operate on the same mechanism, differences are present between varying models. The most notable difference is the design of the weights as well as how they are attached to the male organ. Men can take advantage of the differences in design to find apparatuses that offer an optimal level of comfort. The more convenient the device is, the more useful you will find it.

Do penis weights work?

The very first thing that people want to know when they hear about a penis enlargement product is whether or not it works. To some extent, penis weights can help you achieve penis increase- both girth and length. Of utmost importance is to make sure that you do it right. Also, don’t overdo it as this could result in severe penis injuries- even irreversible damages, the penis weights generally come with instructions. Ensure to make maximum use of the instructional material. Read, memorise and apply every guideline provided. Considering the risks associated with the use of penis weights, it is imperative that you get everything right.

And while we are at it, we might want to put something else into consideration. For penis enlargement to occur, the flow of blood into the penis must be improved. For this reason, in as much as weights increase the penis length and girth through the tearing and repair of penis tissues, something else needs to be done- to ensure optimal penis gains. If you want to try penis weights, consider supplementing its effect with something else capable of improving blood flow to the penis area. It could be penis pills, lotions and creams and so on and so forth.

Benefits of using penis weights

You have the process of penis enlargement in your hands. This is mainly because you decide how much weight to apply to your penis. Although it is important to begin with fewer weights and then add as time goes by.

Has the potential to increase both the length and girth of your penis

It’s relatively safe, as long as it is used correctly- instructions must be followed religiously.

Penis weights don’t demand much of your time. A single set of around 20 minutes per day may offer you significant gains

Before buying or making penis enlargement weights, it is advisable to understand its pros and cons. This way, you will be in a position to set realistic expectations. The worst thing that could happen to anyone who is pursuing penis enlargement is to have unbeatable targets. It could mess you up. The last thing that you want when it comes to male enhancement is to have to deal with frustrations resulting from the failure to realise expected penis gains. Here, I will bring to your attention, the pros and cons of using penis enlargement weights.

Pros of penis weights

They are hands-free. While you are not allowed free movements, your hands are usually free for the better part of the session. Your hands may attend to other tasks – that aren’t physically demanding.

Allows you almost full control of the end results. With penis pills, creams, patches and lotion, there is hardly a way of controlling the end results. On the other hand, penis weights allow the user to quickly log his results. For example, you will be able to determine the most appropriate time for your body to handle increased resistance. The best way to log your outcome is to maintain a journal where you record your results.

Promotes both penis length and girth growth. This isn’t something you can say about all the products of penis enhancement. Some of them increase either length or girth- but not both. This is attributed to the fact that penis weights use the same mechanism as that of body building which entails the growth of new cells.

It is relatively safe. I use the term “relatively” for an excellent reason. Penis weights are only safe if they are used appropriately and not overdone. Of the essence is to carefully monitor how your body reacts to the pressure to avoid possible injury.

Requires minimal time. For instance, a 20-minute session per day can deliver impressive penis gains.

Cons of penis weights

Possible severe penis injuries. Irrespective of all the benefits of penis enlargement weights, it is important to know that penis weights have the potential to severely injure your manhood. This explains why utmost caution must be exercised when applying penis weights. If used incorrectly, for instance if too much tension is put on the penile tissues, your penis could suffer severe damage. With this in mind, it is paramount that you follow the instructions faithfully. You would rather take longer to achieve your goals than end up injuring your penis. It is the only one that you have got anyway!

Penis weights appear to be more appropriate for advanced exercisers.

If you want to obtain remarkably good results, consistency is a must.

Penis weights don’t allow free movement. This means that you must remain in one place during penis weights sessions to avoid possible injury.

A lot of patience is needed at the beginning as the starting process seem extremely slow. It is recommended that you hang fewer weights at the beginning to allow your penis to get used to the stretching.

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