Alternative Penis Enlargement Systems 

Not taking correct advice or doing enough research is the biggest mistake anyone could make because the majority of penis enhancement methods on sale today are totally ineffective, or just downright scams. That’s because the subject matter is penis enlargement, instead of something like losing weight or teeth whitening. 

Most guys prefer a private approach to it, and quite rightly so, but this need for privacy often leads them into making rushed and uninformed choices as to what methods are really suitable; and also leads them into the possibility of being ripped off too! The Definite Rip Off’s to Avoid Remember the old adage of ’if it sounds too good to be true’? Well that particularly applies to penis enlargement

Alternative Penis Enlargement Systems 

There are quite a few rogue retailers out there who play on the fact that not many men are going to kick up too much of a fuss about being fobbed off with an inferior product, because men who pay for enlargement packages do not want the publicity — plain and simple! These are the main methods to be cautious about: 

  • Herbal Pills 
  • Herbal Patches 
  • Creams and Ointments If you saw an advert for herbal pills that promised you ridiculous size gains such as 3” in 3 weeks (like so many penis growth websites do) wouldn’t you wonder how popping a tablet in your mouth twice a day could possibly achieve that? But men do use and believe in such things, and here’s why: 
  • Pills, patches and creams are convenient and ‘low profile’
  • They are completely private and discreet 
  • Slick Advertising provides BIG promises and false hope 
  • Most websites carry a ton of make-believe, fake testimonials 
  • Products come with false money-back deals that they wriggle out of 
  • Retailers rely on guarantees not being taken up for privacy reasons Although herbal products can benefit erection strength and performance they are totally ineffective when it comes to having any effects on permanent size increase. 


This is a fact that’s been medically proven time and time again! 


Possible Enhancement Methods


 But Not Good Ones! If we have discussed the methods that are practically useless where adding size is concerned, let’s move onto a couple of methods that, whilst they have some good points, can be risky at best and cause permanent damage at worst — And yet they are still a very popular form of penis enhancement. 


Pumps and Suction Devices — These are normally associated when treating guys suffering with ED (Erectile dysfunction) rather than for gaining extra size and that’s where the confusion lies, because although very effective for ED, they are totally ineffective for increasing penis size. Furthermore, great care needs to be taken when using a penis pump because over-use or incorrect use can lead to serious penile damage. Some men buy pumps thinking they’ll get extra length, but they are unfortunately mistaken. 


Weights — Effective to a degree, yes, but practical and comfortable? No! As strange as it seems, this old method actually works, however whether you would want to walk around with a set of lead weights hanging from your penis every day is another matter; completely inconvenient and totally impractical. 


Phalloplasty — This is the medical term for surgery to increase penis size and has been around for quite some time now, having a certain air of respectability about it because it’s minor surgery carried out by qualified medical professionals.


But it’s not the finished article by any stretch of the imagination. Phalloplasty is constantly being analysed and improved on to try to provide better results and reduce the high-risk element because, to date, the negatives greatly outweigh the positives, and that’s what you should be made aware of. Although any size increase is expected to be permanent, and lengths of up to 2” have been reported, the risks are: 


  • Girth and length will be disproportionate unless operated on separately 


  • Erection strength can be affected and may not be so prominent 


  • Post op treatment can last as long as 6 months 


  • Scarring, infection and a loss of sensation have all been reported 


The main reason for phalloplasty being so commonly used is because people feel secure, thinking they are in the ‘capable hands’ of trained and qualified medical professionals. 


Having said that, it doesn’t mean that things can’t and don’t go wrong; some of the horror stories send shivers down your back! How would the following make you feel? 


Recently, a newly married young man who had undergone surgery for penis enlargement was reported to have suffered life-changing side effects due to an accident in theatre resulting in the likelihood of him never being able to manage sexual intercourse again!


 Is enhancement surgery really worth that sort of gamble? While you may simply be concerned and interested in how big your penis is going to be after surgery, you should be aware of exactly what the dangers of this delicate surgical procedure are. 


This is the only way that an educated decision as to whether the surgery should be undertaken can be made. As with any surgical procedure there are risks, ranging from a bad reaction to anaesthesia to the surgery itself going wrong. 


As all men know, the groin area is probably the most delicate, sensitive and intricate area of his body. When surgery is carried out, incisions will be made and occasionally foreign objects will be inserted. Men should also be aware that because surgery to enhance the size of a penis is not covered by medical insurance, any complications arising from that surgery will not be covered either. 


Penis Extenders — This is by far the most effective and convenient way to size up. 


This method has been clinically tested, proven to be highly effective by urologists, specialists and medical professionals, has no unwanted side effects, and is based on a practice dating back over 2000 years. 


The important thing to consider if you get into this thing about increasing your size is that it needs to be done in such a way to give perfect overall shape and appearance, and it needs to be practical and comfortable. 


If it’s painful, not practical, or uncomfortable then you will find it difficult, if not impossible, to carry it through to the end. You see, a penis extender works on a very simple principle — new cell creation; and this practice of altering the size of certain body parts by new cell creation is time tested. You’ve no doubt seen images of different cultures all round the world successfully enhancing stuff like lip and ear size, and even their necks! 


And it’s exactly the same with creating permanent penis size growth. In this case, to increase penis size equally (bigger and wider in exact proportion) the extender exerts a slow and steady traction on the copora cavernosa tissue causing cells to gently stretch, split and reform. 


This process creates additional new cells — healthy, strong cells that give permanent size increase; and very importantly, in total proportion rather than producing a long, thin ‘pencil like’ effect that cheaper enhancement methods do. The traction caused by holding the penis at a distance away from the body causes it to react, wanting to return to its normal hanging position. 


This conflict of interest causes a stressful situation — not painful, just unnatural — where the penis cells begin to react to this stress by dividing. As the cells divide, the penis grows in both length and girth. In a European study using 26 males over a period of six months, penis growth averaged 2 cm per person, which is approximately ½ inch. An average result was 2 cm. 


Peyronies Disease –Extenders, being used for size increase, came about almost as a by-product: Doctors actually invented extenders to deal with Peyronies disease (acute curvature of the penis) and for post penile surgery for all those men who experienced erection problems after the operation. They soon realised the massive impact they had on penile growth too, and that’s when penis extenders started getting used more for size increase than for medical purposes. 


Caution — Did You Know they’re Not All The Same? Although all extenders are effective in creating permanent growth, just be aware that there can be quite a difference between one brand type and another. Obviously that is the same when buying any product, but with something as serious as your penis you need to be perfectly clear what to look for when deciding which one is the most suitable for you. 


Not all extenders are going to have the same standard of manufacturing quality or possibly give the same final effects, and that reflects both in the selling price and the place of manufacture. When choosing an extender it’s not really a wise move to plump for the bargain end of the market if you have set your goals on achieving the best results in the shortest time possible. If you ever get interested in buying one, here are some simple guidelines: 


  • Search for a Well Established and Reputable Company 


  • Take Time to Read Exactly What is on Offer 


  • Check if the Product comes Fully Guaranteed 


  • Is there Good Customer Support and After-Care Service • Is the Company easy to Contact by email/phone/mail if Necessary 


  • Are there ‘Genuine’ Medical Endorsements and Customer Testimonials 


  • Is there a Money-Back Offer in Case the Product is not Suitable Buying into a penis enhancement program is not something you should do without carefully researching and satisfying yourself that what you are buying is safe to use and will do exactly what it says it will, otherwise you’ll just waste your time, money and energy on something that’s not going to work.


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