Natural Penis Size Likely Genetic

The issue of penis size has been given what I would describe as excessive attention. This can, however, be blamed on the insecurity spotted among men. Nearly every man believes that he has a small penis- even the ones who are adequately endowed. The greatest concern that men have is their inability to please their partners in bed. They are constantly wondering whether their women are happy with their capabilities in bed. It is for this reason that there are so many methods of penis enlargement available in the market today. Men are willing to go to any length to have a bigger penis. The major question, however, is; why do men have different penis sizes?

The existing differences between varying racial groups have been determined over time. Among them is the natural penis size. Apparently, men from various ethnic groups have varying penis sizes. Some ethnic groups appears to spot larger penises compared to others. Further, men from some races have smaller penises while others spot more men with average sized dicks. You must already be wondering why this is the case. The answer; it all melts down to varied genetic traits. Men from different races possess varying genetic traits which seemingly impact the natural penis size of its members.

Kelsey studies have revealed that there is enough scientific evidence to back up this claim. Black men possess larger cocks compared to the whites. On the other hand, the whites are more endowed than the Asians. The other racial groups usually fall on the same level with the whites with respect to the size of their penises. On both extremes are the blacks and the Asians. The blacks (both from African and other parts of the world) have the largest male members. On the other hand, the Asians have the smallest penises compared to other racial groups. Men from the whites and other non-white groups have neither big nor small penises. This in turn puts them between the Asians and the blacks.

Genetics doesn’t speak more than the average. Although the blacks have the largest penises, it doesn’t mean anything more than the average penis size. Even when it’s said that the blacks and Asians have the biggest and smallest penises respectively, there is some other truth. It doesn’t necessarily mean all the black men have larger penises compared to men from other racial groups. There are some whites and Asians who have bigger dicks than some blacks. Equally, there are some blacks who have smaller penises than some whites and Asians. In that case, even though stated collectively, men from different racial groups don’t possess associated genetic traits.

Genetics merely states the general rule which can and has been verified very easily. A study of the penis sizes of men from various racial groups reveals shared characteristics as stated above. When talking about a bigger penis, we are talking about both length and girth. It’s possible for a man to have a very lengthy penis but fall short with respect to the thickness. On the same note, a man could have a short, yet thick penis. In that case, an adequately large penis has both impressive length and girth.

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