Is It True What They Say About Guys With Big Feet?

Penis size is one of the most trending topics, especially on the Internet. People tend to believe that the size of a man’s penis determines his manhood. To a large extent, this might not be exactly correct. There are other things that define a man. That aside; penis size has been correlated with some things such as the height of a man, his thumb finger, the size of his hands and so on. The penis size has also been correlated with the size of a guy’s feet. Supposedly, the bigger the feet, the more significant the penis is said to be.

The majority of people have been made to believe that they can determine the penis size of a man by his shoe size. This is perhaps among the most common techniques that people use to judge how endowed a man is. Foot fetishism might have played a significant role in the persistence of this common belief. Maybe, just maybe, this can be blamed on the fact that shoe size is among the most prominent measurements that are known offhand to people. Both men and women create convoluted equations while trying to establish a connection between the size of man’s feet and his penis length.

Here is the bitter truth; you can decide to divide by two or three, subtract as many inches as you deem appropriate. Ultimately, you will not come any close to unmasking the mystery. Let me bring to your attention today, once and for all. What they say about guys with big feet isn’t true; it’s only a myth. If you are a man who has always been jealous of guys with big feet, only because you think they are tremendously endowed, you better relax man. As a woman, you will suffer a lot of frustrations if you decide to use guys feet to determine his penis size. For the majority of women, penis size isn’t a top consideration when choosing a partner. This is a significant advantage for both men and women.

Several studies have been performed to establish the existing relationship between penis length and shoe size. A study conducted in 1993 found out that the relationship between penis length and a person’s foot size is albeit weak. In 2002, a group of urologists at an English hospital took the penis measurements (length) of 104 men. They also recorded the size of their shoes. Apparently, there wasn’t any statistical significance correlation between the penis size of the research participants and the shoes size. This study received an immediate hit. In fact, the correlation between a guy’s feet and penis length myth was officially debunked.

Since then, several other studies have managed to document relationships between the length of a penis and other body parts’ measurements. For example, in 2011, a team of Turkish researchers discovered that weight, BMI and height values correlate with the size of a penis. If there is a correlation between the measurements of other parts of the body and the penis size, one question needs to be answered. How is it there isn’t a statistically significant correlation between penis size and a guy’s feet? We might have to wait for the next revelation. In the mean time, though, it isn’t true what they say about guys with big feet.

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