The 6 Golden Rules To Grow At Least 3 Extra Inches Naturally with Exercises

What you’ve all been waiting for …. These rules tell you the exercises you need to do, to make your penis longer. I’ll start by telling you about the underlying theory involved in penis size enhancement. Just to be clear from the outset: This method will NOT make your penis thicker and it will NOT make the head any bigger. It will definitely make the shaft longer, and you WILL feel the difference!

How to increase penis size naturally exercises


The structure of the penis There are three columns of erectile tissue that make up the shaft of the penis and it is attached at the base to internal fascia and suspensory ligaments. The shaft then runs outwards and up to one-third of it’s erect length is buried inside the body. 

At the other end, two of the columns of erectile tissue from the shaft form the head of the penis. The routine to make your penis bigger approaches the challenge from three angles.

Reduce the fat even more Firstly reduce the size of the fat layer, found under the skin, around the base of your penis. You can’t make this fat vanish, because there is no such thing as spot reduction. However, following the fat-loss rules in the rest of this article will cause you to lose the fat in this area too. 

Over time, as you get leaner, more of the shaft of the penis will be exposed, resulting in a longer penis for you. This is basically how penis-enlargement surgery also works, by bringing more of the shaft of the penis outside of the body.

Do this exercise routine Secondly, do this exercise routine as a separate routine from your normal exercises. This has been designed to work and tone the muscles underlying the groin, including where the base of the penis is attached. This will have the effect of allowing even more of your shaft to hang outside your body, leading to an even longer penis. Note that only one of these exercises is an “active” traditional exercise, the other two are more about holding internal muscles in a contracted state. 

Exercise 1: Do straight legged leg-raises whilst lying flat on your back on the floor. This will work the basic abdominal muscles, the six-pack. Work your way up to doing at least 5 sets of 25 repetitions. Do these instead of sit-ups which target the upper abdominals. 

As a general point, avoid doing ab-crunches. Although these help to develop a six-pack, they isolate the abdominals too effectively and so lead to other problems as they do not work surrounding hip and back muscles. Exercise 2: Learn and practice doing “stomach-vacuums”. This is an old-time bodybuilder’s exercise that develops the sheet of muscles, also called the rectus abdominis, that runs underneath the six-pack abdominal muscles. 

Start with vacuums done whilst on your hands and knees, then progress to seated and finally standing vacuums. Exercise 3: Learn and practice doing the “plank” exercise from yoga and pilates. This will further work the deep core muscles.

Get the blood flowing Thirdly, work on getting the blood flowing in your penis. The frequency of erections can reduce over time for a variety of reasons including aging, weight gain, medical conditions etc. 

Following the “use it or lose it” principle, the following is designed to correct any atrophy or circulation issues. You need to take the time to get an erection and then maintain it for at least 10 minutes, twice a day. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to have sex or an orgasm twice a day. Just get yourself aroused to the point where your penis is erect and keep it there for the 10 minutes. This regular increase in blood flow to the erectile tissue making up your penis will work wonders.

You will be amazed by the results

Over the period of 14 months that I lost 148 pounds, my penis grew two and a half inches longer. The growth increased as I added steps two and three of the above routine. Follow the rules and you too will get astonishing results.

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