Does Penis Size Matter?

Almost every man is worried about his penis size. Somehow, they tend to think, or rather believe that they aren’t large enough. It is no wonder; so many men are going through penis enlargement programs. Surprisingly, even average sized men tend to desire a couple more inches. Where exactly does the problem lie? What is all the fuzz about penis size coming from?

First and foremost, our society tends to measure a person’s manhood based on the size of his cock. If you are not ‘sufficiently endowed’ you will not receive as much attention and respect as someone who is significantly endowed. As a man, you might not have the actual picture of how women depict men with bigger penises. They adore them and secretly hope to have intercourse with them. It is important to note that women have a fundamental and instinctive desire to reproduce. If you have been following my previous posts, you must already understand why this is so.

There is a common belief that women bear children who have similar genes with their fathers, of course apart from those of the other parent. In that regard, if given a choice, women would naturally prefer men with bigger cocks. The logic behind this is to make sure that their sons also have sufficiently larger male members. Women know that their kids will compete with other men to impregnate a supposed promiscuous woman in the future. In that regard, it is only fair that their sons have equal chances to compete.

That notion aside, a research study conducted by the University of California revealed that a vast population of women don’t pay much attention to the penis size of their partners. Apparently, 85 percent of the women who participated in the research study claimed to be comfortable with their partners’ penis sizes. For a moment, one might think that women are hypocritical. How is that they pretend not to desire a bigger penis? Well, there are justifiable reasons. First and foremost, the women didn’t say that they wouldn’t want a bigger penis. They only said that they were satisfied with what their partners have.

On the other hand, apart from penis size, women are concerned about other things in a relationship. They are naturally emotional beings. They attach more importance to how a man treats them more than the penis size. They like it when a man loves and cares about them, just the way they want. As a matter of fact, if you treat your woman right, there is nothing she wouldn’t do for you. She will give you all the respect in the world. You see; you really don’t need to have the biggest penis in the world to please your woman.

Besides, ultimately, becoming a better lover is dependent on how well you use your penis. If you have a small penis, there are incredible sex positions and styles that you can apply to get the most out of every sexual encounter. You must show the willingness to be adventurous. It is not only good for you but for your partner as well.

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