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Different methods penis enlargement

When it comes to penis enlargement then you often gets image of SPAM emails, late-night advertisements, fake ‘Miracle’ pills, shiny gimmicks, ‘break through’ workouts etc. Beside, all these fake penis enlargement techniques there is a truth that able you to control your size.

Internet is flooded with lots of fake information when it comes to penis enlargement that is why I decided to write down a post in which I going to highlight each and every penis enlargement method that available on the market and give my unbiased opinion to able you to select best method for penis enlargement.

Basics of Penis Enlargement:

Penis Growth: Penis is not a bone that stops growing after puberty and it is not a muscle as well that grow like any other muscle of the body instead it is a special type of tissue that grows when more blood is filled into two chambers called “corpora cavernosa” during erection.

Commonly Use Method for Penis Enlargement: The most common method for penis enlargement is exercises because of its very minimum side-effects as compare to pills and surgery.

Penis Enlargement Exercise: Penis is not a muscle that grow with the help of diet and exercise instead penis enlargement exercises are designed to provide more blood into penis that make its grow.

Average Size of Penis: Different countries have different penis size averages. Most commonly the average of penis size is between 5” to 6”.

Micropenis: This is sexual health problem in which penis size is below 2.5 inches erect length but, found in very rare cases. The good news for you is that micropenis is found in 0.6%. That’s mean your penis can grow

Is it Possible for Penis to Gain few Inches?

Despite all the sad stories you read on internet about small penis, the truth is Yes, it is possible for penis to gain few inches. It does not mean it is simple and automatic but, it is possible.

It does not matter whatever method you choose, the results will not come overnight. Penis Enlargement needs three things from your side and that are: Time, consistent efforts and dedication.

How Penis Gain Size?

My in-depth research concludes that there are two methods for penis enlargement.

First method is building up new tissues in the penis that make the penis grow. It works on same principles of bodybuilding. When stretching is applied to penis, more space for new cells start building. This space is filled by new cells which mean increase in penis length and girth.

Second method is supplying more blood into the penis. This method is often used in penis enlargement pills and extender. The problem in this method is that the gain with the help of this method is temporary.

Different Methods for Penis Enlargement

When it comes to penis enlargement, there are many different methods and some of them are more effective than others. Some methods consume more time than others that is why it depends on how much time you have for penis enlargement.

Penis Enlargement Exercise:

Exercises are the safest and natural method for penis enlargement. Penis Enlargement exercises are most recommend method for penis enlargement because it contain very minimum risk as compare to other methods.

We conduct a research of 550 men that gained increase in their penis size with the help of penis enlargement exercises. According to their results, we concluded that men gain little above an inch in their penis size and 0.5 inch in their girth.

Some people in our survey reported that using extender increases their efficiency of penis enlargement exercises but for safe and natural growth we recommend exercises without any equipment.

There are many different types of penis enlargement exercises but, with the help of only four exercises you can gain inches in your penis size.

These four common penis exercises are:

  1. Stretching – Stretching is one of the most effective exercises for penis enlargement. Stretching creates space for new cells and with the development of new cells penis increases its size.
  2. Jelqing – It is basic exercise for penis enlargement. Jelqing is the word that derives from ‘milking a cow’ because in this exercise a milking-motion is created to force nutrition-rich blood into the penis.
  3. Compression – Compression is two-handed exercise that is excellent for girth increment. It is bit more advanced exercise and in this exercise space is created for new cells.
  4. Kegels – Kegels are designed to provide more blood into the penis. With the help of this exercise your PC muscles become stronger and you are able to control your ejaculation as well.

Penis Enlargement Device:

New technology helped us to make life easier and penis enlargement is not different. There are many brands of penis enlargement device you found on the internet. They are designed to increase efficiency of penis enlargement exercises by providing full control over applied pressure.

There are lots of penis enlargement devices available in the market, but we mentioned three most common devices below:

  1. Penis Extenders: They designed to create tension towards the shaft of penis that creates space for new cells. Penis Extenders are available in different shapes and design but sometime they scared us with strange design. Don’t worry the best penis extenders that available in the market can easily be worn under the pants and throughout the day.
  2. Penis Enlargement Weights: Penis weights are another traction-like device in which weights are applied to the penis to create strong penis. The penis weights work in the same principles as penis extenders.
  3. Pumps: Penis Enlargement Pumps use vacuum pressure to enlarge penis size. There are different designs of pumps available in the market and all of them contain a cylinder that pushes blood into the penis to make it large.

Penis Enlargement Pills:

I am not talking about ‘miracle’ pills instead I am talking about supplements that contain proven herbs for penis enlargement. These herbs come in supplement form that can be taken orally. There are four herbs that are proven to increase blood flow into the penis and make it grow.

These four herbs for penis enlargement are

  1. Omega-3 Fatty Acid
  2. Vitamin A,B,C and E
  3. L-Argnine
  4. Horny Goat Weed

Based on these four herbs, John Collins highlights herbal supplements inside Penis Enlargement Bible that he used himself to gain 2 inches. These supplements are not ‘miracle’ pills. They speed up the process of penis enlargement if these supplements are used with exercises. Read more about this at this site.

Penis Enlargement Surgery:

Penis Enlargement Surgery is the last option you try for penis enlargement. Surgery may give permanent increase in shortest time possible but lots of long-term side-effects are included in surgery. Some of these are:

  • Loss of Erection
  • Nerve Damage
  • Loss of Erection Angle

Beside these three common side-effects of penis enlargement surgeries, there are lots of other health complications included in the penis enlargement surgery.

Deciding Best Method for Penis Enlargement:

Penis Enlargement Exercises are the most recommended method for penis enlargement. Some people use extenders and herbal pills to speed up the process of their penis enlargement but these are completely optional.

10 Popular Chinese herbs cure premature ejaculation

Hello everyone, today in this post I am going to share some popular Chinese Herbs that will help you to treat your sexual problem.

It does not matter either you want to increase your penis size or want to end your premature ejaculation, if you want to improve your overall penis health then you must have a look on Chinese herbs that I am going to share with you.

On one hand we all know penis enlargement is possible but on other hand there are so many fake supplements that destroying the confidence and people start believing it is impossible to increase penis size. That’s why I search around different forums, conduct interview with the people that successfully increase their penis size and ask questions from health advisers. Finally after concluding my research I’ve found some herbs that are very powerful for penis enlargement. Since these herbs are used by Chinese people since many decades that’s why I like to called them Chinese Herbs.

Let’s take a look on some of these herbs:

Herb #1 – Ginseng:

The biggest benefit of Ginseng is that it helps in treatment premature ejaculation permanently. There are many different types of Ginseng available in the market such as Korean Ginseng, American Ginseng and Siberian Ginseng. If it is possible then purchase a blend of all these Ginsengs but if it is not possible then I would recommend you to get original Ginseng herb as it considered as best quality.

Here are some benefits of this herb:

  • Increase blood-flow into heart and penis
  • Helps with digestion of food
  • Improve physical strength
  • Helps to recover from mental and physical exercise
  • Improve memory
  • Provide nutrient rich blood to every organ of the body
  • Fight against ‘bad’ germs and build strong immune system

Herb #2 – Horny Goat Weed:

This is the best natural antidepressant that is available to us. Beside its antidepressant properties, there are many people that are using this herb to improve their sexual strength. If you are also looking to improve your sexual strength without any side-effects you must start using this herb.

As this herb is very powerful that is why it is recommended to use this herb only for temporary basis. If you already have high sexual strength then don’t consider using this herb as it will send your sex-drive to the roof top. It is also recommended to use small dose of this herb.

Herb #3 – Cistanche:

Cistanche is the most powerful herb for getting hard-solid erections. If you ask any Chinese herbal expert for the best herb that gives hard-solid erection then you surely get the name of Cistanche herb. This herb is very commonly used by people since many years in improving hard and solid erection.

Here are some of the benefits of this herb:

  • Helps in treating premature ejaculation and impotence
  • Repair damaged nervous
  • Improve mood and general health
  • Improve Kidney function

Herb #4 – Dong Quai:

Dong Quai is another very powerful herb that helps in increasing blow-flow to all the regions of the body.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • It improves central nervous system
  • Helps in cleansing the body
  • Improve sexual health and increase blood flow into the penis

Mineral Water:

It is basically not herb but still I think I should include it in my list because this is the single substance that can able you to get hard erection. Water has numerous benefits and one of them is increase in penis size. Water helps your penis to get more nutrient blood. The more nutrient-rich blood your penis get, the harder erection you will get.

It is recommended by sexual advisers to get at least 3 liters of water. Water works as antioxidant in human body and it removes all toxics from the blood. Inside Collins Penis Enlargement Bible you will learn how water improve blood-flow into the penis.

Herb #5 – Astragalus Root:

This herbs works as the catalyst with other herbs and increase the effectiveness of these herbs. If you combine this herb with Ginseng then it will work very well and improve your penis size.

This is also very popular herb for increasing blood flow into the penis and with more blood you will get stronger, harder and sensitive penis.

Herb #6 – Fo-it:

Fo-it is the herb that not only increases penis size but it also slows down your ageing process and you look 10 years younger. Yes, it is anti-aging herb that is used all over the world in different creams and lotions. Beside its anti-aging properties, this herb is proven to cure erectile dysfunction, lower cholesterol and strengthen the immune system.

If you are looking for herb that will treat your erectile dysfunction and also make you look younger then I highly recommend you this herb.

Herb #7 – Cornus:

Cornus is Chinese herb that is proven to improve overall health by cleansing liver and other kidney related problem. But if this herb combines with other substances then it increases its effectiveness and improve prostate related problem.

Herb #8 – Liquorice:

Liquorice is the herb that works as antioxidant. This herb is the most popular herb in the Europe but it is second popular herb after Ginseng. This herb alone is powerful enough to supply numerous benefits.

When Liquorice goes into the body it increases overall energy, clear lung, strengthen muscles functions, increase muscle strength and helps in PNS.

Herb # 9 – Maca:

Maca is best for improving fertility but it can also helps with prostate problem, stress, high blood pressure and diabetes. This herb is best for PNS and over-ejaculation related problems.

Herb #10 – Saw Palmetto:

This herb helps you if your penis problem is because of prostate. This is the only herb that you can use to cure your prostate related problem. This herb can also provide positive effects on penis health.


These are some very popular herbs that increase penis size and treat its sexual problem. However it is important to consult your doctor before applying any one of them if you suffered from series of healthy related problems.